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This programme has commissioned three consultancy companies to investigate the viability of 26 separate ideas under lots dealing with heritage and culture, buildings and assets and learning and jobs. The initiatives that we take forward to be funded over the next few years will help make North Carrick an even better place to live, work, visit and play. Your views will help to identify priorities and to shape future planning and decision making. The programme will identify realistic and deliverable projects that can be achieved through community and partnership activity. This survey is targeted at the business sector and is part of a wider consultation which will ensure that the voices of people in North Carrick are heard and contribute to how the ideas are prioritised going forward.
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Updates on exciting work happening in North Carrick

Come along and find out how things have progressed, ask questions and speak to the consultants and architects working on the projects within Foundations for Recovery!

Maybole Community Council presents ‘Scrolls of Appreciation’ - 28th June 202

On Tuesday evening Maybole Community Council issued scrolls of appreciation to members of the community for services to the community , outstanding achievements and, on this occasion the 6th ceremony since 1999, groups businesses and public services could also be nominated for outstanding service during Covid.
Recipients included police Scotland, The Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue, Carrick Resilience Team, Maybole and Carrick Medical Practices, both of Maybole's  Llyods Chemists, Maybole Clean Up Group, Maybole Over 50s Walking Group, Maybole Dental Practice, the Spar and Home Hardware store, the Co-Op, Royal Mail, David McKay Butchers and North Carrick Community Benefit Company. Individual nominations were awarded to Allan and Margaret Harvey, Jean Clark,, Liam Hamilton, Mhairi, Deghlan, Darcy and Ronan Hunter Blair, Dr and Mrs Paton, Callum McKelvie, Chris Fleming, Jim Paterson, Iona Barrie, Yvonne Kiltie, Wilma Milligan, Helen Whitefield, Frances Campbell, Jim McEwan, Carlo Walker, Roy Birnie and Mark Fletcher.
All nominations are made by the wider public and assessed by an independent panel and if you know of outstanding volunteers ,you can nominate them in the future!
Thanks to South Ayrshires new Provost Iain Campbell for handing out the awards
From Maybole Community Council - Thankyou to all who made the nominations and everyone involved in making it a successful evening.