North Carrick Agriculture

Producing top quality ingredients, farming is at the heart of our history and heritage

Farming in North Carrick

North Carrick has a thriving agricultural industry with over 130 active farms within the area. Forging ahead, farmers in North Carrick are known for their excellent quality produce and many are using the latest in modern technology on their farms. North Carrick's exports vary with farms in the area predominantly keeping livestock, with some mixed farms and also some scenic farms towards the shore producing solely arable crops. North Carrick is known for top quality local produce, there's everything from milk, lamb, beef and all the grain crops grown right here. Of recent times, ryegrass crops have also been grown here for use in anaerobic digesters. North Carrick meat supplies retailers such as Aldi, M&S , Tesco, Muller, and even Nestle - where the milk goes into Kit-Kats! North Carrick milk also goes into cheese production with 'Seriously Strong' cheese being just one example.

A long history of farming

Dating all the way back to gooseherders in the 15th and 16th centuries, agriculture has always been prominent in the area. Originally agriculture in one form or another was the principal employment in the Maybole and across the district, and most townsfolk were connected with it in some way. Ploughing matches were a spectacle in the area and folks would travel to see the majestic Clydesdale horses steadily drawing the ploughs for their expert ploughmen. The area also was responsible for developing and manufacturing agricultural machinery as technology advanced.

To find out more about the history of agriculture in Maybole & North Carrick click here. 

Ayr & District Young Farmers

Ayr and District Young Farmers’ membership covers a large area of Ayrshire – from Ayr to Stranraer with a few members dotted about elsewhere. The organisation covers the whole of North Carrick.

The Young Farmers are a charity youth group for anyone aged 14-30, and this year the club is celebrating it’s 80th anniversary! Although some of their activities are focused on agriculture, it is not all that they do! Young Farmers provides many opportunities for young people – with a chance to try everything from arts and crafts, to dance and drama, sports, cooking and baking, public speaking, charity to work and travel opportunities. The organisation is unique in the huge variety of opportunities it provides!

Members share their stories and assure us that the  the best thing by far that Ayr YFC has to offer is the friendships! The comradery within the club is second to none and forges friendships that last a lifetime! This is something that was proven 80 years ago and is still true to this day.

When you say the words ‘Young Farmers’ to most people they respond that they are not a farmer and that it isn’t for them. However most of the current active members of Ayr’s club are not farmers by occupation. The groups is for anyone who enjoys and supports rural life! The club are always looking for new people to join their great club and get involved!

For more information or to get in touch with the club, please visit their Facebook page. 

North Carrick Agriculture

North Carrick has a thriving agricultural industry with over 130 active farms in the area