Foundations for Recovery - Documents now available to view!

NCCBC’s successful application for funding from the UK Government saw £565,000 invested to develop projects in North Carrick to the point where they are ready to be implemented. The money, which included a £50,000 contribution from North Carrick Community Benefit Company, was used for an intensive programme to convert community and business aspirations, ideas, and proposals into investment-ready projects. NCCBC employed consultants, engineers, architects, and other experts who worked on a range of projects covering tourism, community assets, and workforce development.

The best thing about this “Foundations for Recovery” programme is that the work that these experts have done is leading directly to further funding applications.

You can now view all of the documents produced through the project on NCCBC's website. You can find information about your village, or through the 'Lots' of work - Asset Development, Heritage and Cultural Tourism, Workforce, Sector Development & Jobs, and Management, Evaluation & Strategy.

We can’t wait to see how these projects develop – a very exciting time for North Carrick!