NCCBC has been awarded funding from the Community Anchors Fund to help support people in our communities by helping to alleviate some of the immediate cost of living pressures.

A voucher scheme is being set up to help people who are most in need due to financial circumstances, health, isolation, and other similar factors. The vouchers can be used in several local shops to pay for gas and electricity, food and mobile phone top-ups and will be distributed through a number of different channels.

In addition to the voucher scheme, a limited number of ‘techy’ bags will also be made available. These bags will contain various items such as LED battery operated light switches, stainless steel flasks and mobile phone power banks.

This month, NCCBC is launching a knitting campaign, where children and adults can learn to knit (or help each other to knit) a Centipede Draught Excluder. This project will soon be commencing in our schools, with members of the community getting involved to help teach the children how to knit. NCCBC are offering a free pack, with all the materials required, to anyone who would like to get involved. Packs will be available to collect from Libby’s Handbags, School Vennel, Maybole from July onwards, on a first come first served basis. The draught excluder can then be used to ‘keep the heat in’ over the winter months.

The final part of this project is to provide a goodie bag for school children of varying age groups who live within North Carrick. The goodie bag will contain items focussed on keeping children warm and healthy. NCCBC is in dialogue with schools and other organisations and groups to identify what items are best suited to the needs of the children.

For more information or to get involved, please email [email protected]

Save the date - Saturday 15th July 2023

Heritage Day in Maybole- fun for all the family!

Maybole Heritage Day 2023 will begin to build momentum for a nationally significant event in July 2024 to celebrate the 750th Anniversary of the birth of Robert the Bruce in North Carrick. Join us for arena displays, live music, stalls, food and drink, and plenty of activities and things to try for our young people!


With thanks to our supporters and funders so far including NCCBC and Maybole Regeneration Project!

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The next round of NCCBC funding

Does your project or organisation need funding? NCCBC may be able to help! 😃
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The next round of NCCBC funding will be decided in August. The deadline for these applications is the 12th July and applications are taken through Claire Bryan on [email protected]. 📧
Please note we have an updated 2023 version of the application form - if you have made a start on an older version please contact us to have the new one sent over to you!
📸 Senga M, NCCBC Director

NCCBC Funding Deadline

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The next round of NCCBC funding will be decided in May.
The deadline for these applications is the 12th April and applications are taken through 📧 [email protected].
Need some guidance? Get in touch now or check out our 'Apply' page for all the steps.

Foundations for Recovery - Documents now available to view!

NCCBC’s successful application for funding from the UK Government saw £565,000 invested to develop projects in North Carrick to the point where they are ready to be implemented. The money, which included a £50,000 contribution from North Carrick Community Benefit Company, was used for an intensive programme to convert community and business aspirations, ideas, and proposals into investment-ready projects. NCCBC employed consultants, engineers, architects, and other experts who worked on a range of projects covering tourism, community assets, and workforce development.

The best thing about this “Foundations for Recovery” programme is that the work that these experts have done is leading directly to further funding applications.

You can now view all of the documents produced through the project on NCCBC's website. You can find information about your village, or through the 'Lots' of work - Asset Development, Heritage and Cultural Tourism, Workforce, Sector Development & Jobs, and Management, Evaluation & Strategy.

We can’t wait to see how these projects develop – a very exciting time for North Carrick!

North Carrick Events Development – Opportunities!

Please find below role descriptors for some very exciting work which is coming up with NCCBC over the coming months!

If you are interested in any of these roles please get in touch with NCCBC by 8th February!

Email: [email protected]

Please note these opportunities are offered on a self employed basis.


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Merry Christmas!

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Foundations for Recovery - Evaluation Survey



If you haven’t already, please do allow a few minutes to take our survey about the Foundations for Recovery project - we would really like to hear from those attended any of the roadshows, the Working As One sessions, or anyone who was involved in another way.